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Jul 18, 2012 7:30am EDT
appeared in more than 70 publications including cnn, reuters, the financial times, time magazine, national journal and et etc. with that, i think we would invite your questions. >> i would like to ask about both candidates visiting virginia. the virginia could be -- no, it is a big swing state. mostly because they are a recipient of big tax dollars. you are survey would disprove that headline. i would like to know what some of your comments are on that coverage. >> well, it is important to remember that when you hear the recording about political activity, it does not necessarily mean that it represents public opinion. there are interests in virginia, and those interests are activated and are making contributions to candidates and so on. but the individuals who are ultimately the voters, when you ask them to talk about the big picture and you give them the information, they come to pretty much the same conclusions. it is an interesting dynamic that in general people don't, you know, look out for themselves when they are making a judgment about public policy issues. but they will probably b
Jul 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
. that is exactly whathat anin usodl qu. peod.twazi all around the country. you started -- it was on cnn, it was on msnbc, it was on, it was in w iinoint innepe. rg? vilibueayha to the extraordinary organizing of women not only women in now, but won thughout the women's movement in the state of virginia, e dathathe giorrengto lith sal ame a gauntlet that the legislators had to walk pas standing arm in wagm atg t in a sleig tgh prcaovgh ed bcied fueled by passion and outrage at these, at these extremists who are overreachi like i he ve sitny anrobatat d,lirown stood on the floor of that house of representatives in mchig anepctghllto yth d hefra rkat said was and, m speaker, i'm really glad that everybody is intested in my vagina, but an n gh ansabr wsudy eper heho td ats that her verbage was inappropriate, that the use of the word "gina" s aad mianeenvehe n'oekte 50 lewe u 5,000 women showed up on the steps of the capitol-michigan to say -- capitol of michig to say in d eaitoh sa, a no business regulati it. [cheers and applause] n pa nt ge gla a itet lr because the mask has been ripped a
Jul 25, 2012 2:00am EDT
developments is featured in numerous print and electronic media including "the new york times," cnn and "fortune" magazine. in this hearing in 2007, he published an article in a popular state taxpayer article entitled, wide the physical presence standard shouldn't go the way of personal jurisdiction. mr. henchman graduated with a degree in political science and a law degree from the george washington university. our last witnesses steve delbianco, executive director of netchoice, coalition of trade association that businesses and online consumers. i'll share goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the internet. mr. delbianco is well-known for expertise on internet taxation and we look forward to his testimony on the subject today. mr. delbianco holds degrees in engineering economics from the university of pennsylvania and a business degree from ward. we welcome you -- the governor has arrived in the gentleman from tennessee is recognized to introduce as governor. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it is indeed my privilege to introduce the honorable bill hassell haslam. i thi
Jul 14, 2012 2:00am EDT
's still offimitsnd do m y agot pnt wlosed ndas e raon b cnn the nick of time when earthquake projects began to show that would be a tough sell. so, the gen1 stuldnd n2reeaithn california and promises of what they might bring us. humans learn lootnd mbe you can do things right. >> the next audience question. >> i lik to pnt out tha 'sicly cre t nuclear reactors produce electricity. they produce heat. the heat is used to producehe electricy. >> that's true. >> boiling water. >> many ways of producing -- some people call it t most peivayoilat othhi rs produce that is -- it was not mentioned at this discussion, is the nuclear waste. it's the major product the plants produce, and that poses a al, 'sthe- not the case that nuclear racketers are an 24/7. they have to be shut down to replace core fuel and those shutdowns can last at lea a month if you're lucky, af tlasen benestdn for -- well, as we have seen in japan, for months if not years. >> point taken on the waste. we have skated over the waste and didn't give it just. it hasn't beenolved. the federal government is not lfillingtsigio bu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4